Event : 25-Mar-2018



Join the founding team behind BALEHU with a revolutionary protocol that is powering commerce as they share more about the project, progress and road map ahead. They are on a roadshow across Asia, and will only be in Bangkok for this meetup session.



Worldwide, small business are struggling to grow. In the U.S. alone 50% of companies fail in their first 5 years. The key challenge is cash flow. Our research and early traction has proven that the solution to this challenge is to create a growth engine made specifically for small businesses. Leveraging proof of stake our protocol can validate transactions on consumer mobile devices. Additional software tools that provide marketing and sales capabilities designed for small business use cases will also be available powered by the protocol. Our token aligns the economic incentives of small businesses, consumers, and other actors in local markets to create a virtuous cycle of viral growth
Most critically, our vision doesn’t require consumers to change their behavior in order to realize this shift. Merchants don’t have to re-tool either to make this possible. Imagine a world where your daily purchases support your community, imagine being paid to be a consumer – imagine Balehu.

$47.5 Trillion are spent by consumers on goods and services. The Balahu Protocol and apps will shift those dollars to our network through our viral and network effects

The first blockchain protocol with a growth model resulting in a non-volatile inflationary currency that token holders will transact with daily.
Balehu beta apps are already in use in two markets in the United States.

The CEO grew up in a $15MM/year family business, Tremont Electric, established in 1925 and has led several successful entrepreneurial ventures. The CTO has co-founded multiple companies including Placester ($100M in funding) and Mashable ($50MM in funding) – he has created a half-billion dollar in value for investors. Our blockchain engineer is a part of the Ethereum Foundation.


MIKE BERSON – Co-founder & CEO
Mike is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for helping local business succeed. He grew up in a family business founded in 1925 and understand the barriers small businesses face and how to effectively connect with the local communities.

Fred has co-founded multiple companies including Placester ($100M in funding) and Mashable ($50M in funding) – he has created a half-billion dollars in value for investors.



1830 – 1915 : Registration and Food
1915 – 2000 : Introduction of BALEHU by the founding team
2000 – 2030 : Q&A Session
2030 – 2130 : Networking

VENUE: Tentative – will be updated in a few days time
ENTRE FEE: Free entry
REFRESHMENTS: Food and Drinks will be provided, courtesy of BLOCK X